This Service CharliesDogs provide are so that your loving cat doesn’t have to be put into a cattery where they can become very stressed and upset!!

Cats like to be in their own territory and sometimes they can get very upset when put into a cattery as it takes them out of their comfort zone.


Why not come home to a happy cat and not a cat that has been placed in a cattery and is very traumatized and upset.
: I will brush your cat.

: The visit would last thirty minutes.

: Clean litter trays.

: Feed, and put fresh water down.

: There will also be a pint of fresh milk and a loaf of bread on your return home.

Here are just a few areas CharliesDogs cover: Chipping Sodbury, Yate, Old Sodbury, Little Sodbury, Hawkesbury Upton, Horton, Dodington, Westerleigh, Iron Acton, these are just a few aeras CharliesDogs covers..


The Price per visit will be £10.00, and £15.00 for two visits per day.